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September 15, 2009

Inaugural Newsletter Sponsor - Everywun

We are "beyond" excited to announce that our friends at Everywun are our inaugural RADAR sponsor!

Everywun inspires people to think differently about how we can create a better world by using a technology that incentivizes every person, business, and nonprofit to work together towards this goal. The technology enables members to earn credits for taking cost-free actions, brand marketers to sponsor those actions, and non-profits to carry out the impact - like planting a tree or feeding a child - which members choose when redeeming their credits.

We, at Beyond Profit, are busy planting trees via Everywun's platform! You should too!

Good Talent Is Hard To Find

Last week we participated in the first workshop organized by the TiE Special Interest Group on Social Enterprise in Mumbai. TiE (The Indus Entrepreneur) has a long history of facilitating entrepreneurship in India, but this marked their first foray into the social enterprise space - in fact, the Special Interest Group on Social Enterprise launched at our very own Sankalp, Intellecap's annual event where social enterprises and investors can connect and collaborate.

While Sankalp signaled the arrival of social enterprise on the subcontinent, the workshop signaled a significant nod of approval from the mainstream for this burgeoning sector, our burgeoning sector. There is a yearning to build the social enterprise ecosystem. And mainstream entrepreneurs are showing that they want to learn, to share their ideas and experiences, and, most of all, to ask questions.

The biggest challenge that emerged during the day was the issue of Talent - attracting it and keeping it. Getting talent to buy into the vision of a social entrepreneur is huge. Getting mainstream folks to take a massive pay cut is, well, huge. Hiring people who are hungry, eager to grow, and can rise up? Huge.

It takes a certain mindset to work in social enterprise, a space that isn't yet established, in an organization without clear organizational structures, is not for everyone.

What can social entrepreneurs do to overcome these hurdles? First, tell a good story and perhaps more importantly, have a knack for telling this story. Second, the social entrepreneur needs to be convinced, after all, she is betting her career and money on the idea. If she is convinced, convincing others becomes much easier.

It is a bit of a catch 22, isn't it? You can't build the business until you have a team. But you can't convince the team to follow, until you have a business!

The road to being a successful entrepreneur is a hard one. The road to being a successful social entrepreneur may be even harder. But social entrepreneurs are persistently showing that they welcome the challenge. We look forward getting more of them in the field and in the conference rooms of India!

Microfinance Insights Annual Photo Contest, "Global Shades of Development"

The Microfinance Insights Annual Photo Contest, "Global Shades of Development," is an annual showcase for photographers and development enthusiasts who have captured images of development in action. Microfinance Insights is currently inviting entries from enthusiasts of microfinance, photography, and social development around the world. If you are one such person, Beyond Profit's sister publication, Microfinance Insights, is looking for you!

Winners of the photo contest will receive a 15 minute exclusive mentoring session with esteemed photographers S. Paul and Raghu Rai!

Work at the Bombay Hub - September 22-27

We are so excited to expand "beyond" our normal geographical boundaries and work out of the Bombay Hub next week! The Hub is holding a Taster Week from September 22 - 27 where social entrepreneurs can work out of the dynamic space free of charge. The Hub will provide work spaces, wireless internet, stimulating conversations, interesting people to speak with, and, of course, lots of chai!

We'll be there, working alongside and meeting great people with ideas and passion for social change (and live blogging and tweeting, of course!).

We are particularly excited for the panel on "For-Profit and Not-For-Profit" Hybrid Models in which we will be participating. Look for a feature on these Hybrid Models in the January issue of Beyond Profit!

For more information, please email or call +91 22 3222 0475.

Sankalp Corner: Janani Foods

This week in Sankalp Corner, we are highlighting the great work of Janani Foods. With the objective of providing integrated and comprehensive agriculture related services to farmers, at their farm gate, Janani uses information communication technology to provide farmers with end-to-end services, from extension advisory to market linkages.

Through strategic alliances with the International Institute of Information Technology and with input companies, Janani ensures that the supply chain is managed by trained agricultural scientists. These scientists constantly monitor crops and provide personalized advice on crop management and allied activities to the farmers, from seed to harvesting. Janani generates revenue through appropriate service charges from farmers, commission from service providers, and margins in input and output marketing. The services are delivered through Janani Agro Facility Centers (JAFCs) in villages and districts, which are managed by local franchisees under a revenue sharing model. In 10 years, Janani envisions creating 5,000 opportunities for agriculture graduates and 25,000 opportunities for rural youth.

View the Janani Foods video from Sankalp 2009

Questions at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Real Challenges of Global Intrapreneurs

In our inaugural issue, Chris White explored the challenges of global intrepreneurs - people in the pursuit of new solutions for the BoP on behalf of a company; modern day Indiana Jones: part academic, part businessman, part action hero; just as, if not more, comfortable sitting in mud huts as talking business in a three piece suit.

Andrew squints at the silhouettes of the shacks ahead. The harsh heat of the day has subsided, leaving behind an escort of mosquitoes. A small smile spreads across his lips. He caught sight of what he had been looking for. Community meetings, convened in a circle on the clay floor of Anu's home in this slum in the center of Mumbai, were something he looked forward to. This encounter would be, to say the least, a little different from his last meeting.

Just 24 hours earlier, Andrew had been at JFK airport in New York. His head was still spinning from that afternoon's adrenaline and Diet Coke-fueled meeting with his company's management team. It had begun as expected, with the usual mix of PowerPoints, P&Ls and projections, ROIs and risk assessments. As the conversation progressed, the sentiments of his colleagues morphed from idealism and optimism to skepticism and criticism. The tone then swung to confusion and condescension.

"What on earth are we doing trying to build a business in a slum?" they demanded.

Click here to read the full article

Where You Can Find Us...

New York, NY, USA (Sept 23-26, 2009)

We are excited and honored to participate in the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting 2009. It is the only venue where business, government, and civil-sector leaders work together to plan and launch specific projects - Commitments to Action - to address global economic, environmental, and social challenges.

Please find Beyond Profit Managing Editor, Lindsay Clinton, at the venue -- or email her beforehand at -- if you want to meet up.


Leadership for a Better World

Washington, DC, USA (Sept 25, 2009)

We will be on hand (and live blogging!) at Leadership for a Better World to discuss how to create, lead, and sustain organizations for social impact. The forum will feature a series of high-profile thought leaders on the role of business in society and fostering social change through models of innovation. Academics, business leaders, nonprofit executives, and policy makers will all be in attendance.

Check out an overview of the event by Executive Director Melissa Carrier on YouTube - and follow the conference on Twitter - @CreatingValue and with the hashtag #betterworld09.

And, look for our Beyond Profit representative, Zara Khan, at the venue!


New York, NY, USA (Sept 25-26, 2009)

We will be on hand at the AngelAfrica Enterprise Conference to to learn about innovations and opportunities in investment, economic development, and entrepreneurship on the African continent. The 2009 conference will gather 250 people over two days to jointly showcase leadership and innovation in Africa's private and social sectors.

Most exciting to us is the second day - the Africa Social Enterprise Forum (ASEF), which will be the first event of this scale to focus exclusively on social entrepreneurship in Africa.

Washington, D.C, USA (Sept 29-30, 2009)

We will be at the 2009 Global Youth Enterprise Conference to contribute, learn, and connect (while blogging). Today's global youth population is at a historical high of more than 1.5 billion, join us at the conference to be part of growing and strengthening the youth enterprise, employment, and livelihoods development field. The event will convene more than 350 leading stakeholders, including practitioners, donors, educators, youth, members of the private sector, representatives of governments, and other partners.


Ixtapa, Mexico (Oct 17-20, 2009)

Beyond Profit invites you to join us at the Opportunity Collaboration this fall! We are thrilled to participate with other social entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, and social change investors in this first-of-its-kind event. Aside from leading a workshop, we will be there to network, to learn, and to find new colleagues, collaborators, and co-conspirators.

If you're attending the Opportunity Collaboration, we would love to meet up on-site and hear more about your work! Please contact our Managing Editor at

Jonathan Lewis, the mastermind behind the Collaboration, has a new blog, Opportunity Collaboration in Action, on Social Edge. Check in for updated content and information.


2009 Net Impact Conference - Advancing Sustainable Enterprise: Changemakers, Innovators, and Problem Solvers

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA (Nov 13-14, 2009)

Join Beyond Profit in beautiful Ithaca, New York to explore individual and organizational roles in the sustainability discussion. Through panel discussions, case studies, keynotes, and special events, we are excited to examine the organizational processes, strategies, and capabilities that enable sustainable value creation. Considered one of the premier events for students and professionals interested in socially and environmentally responsible business, the annual Net Impact Conference is designed to mobilize participants to put their ideals into action.

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